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Welcome to Abridging Apathy. This is a high school project that evolved into much more than a grade.


"Without words, there could be no thoughts and the more words a person has at his or her disposal, the bigger that person's world"

- Lev Vygotsky

Hence why the problem of the global decline in interest in reading is so unsettling.


Who I Am:

I suppose I should introduce myself. I am Jason Ferris, a student of Leonardtown High School and a member of its Academy of Global and International Studies (GIS). A year ago, I was tasked with addressing a global problem, compiling research on the subject into a college-style research paper, tackling the issue on a local level, displaying my findings in a creative product and explaining it all to a panel of reviewers. I was overwhelmed to say the least. But, when I channeled my love for reading and writing, in particular, I discovered that I not only had a topic but one that drove me, that made my toes wiggle and my stomach bubble. The feeling is, in a word, passion.

The Problem:

There is both a need for a creative writing platform and identified an unsettling decline. This project discovered the stark statistics on the state of a national and global decline in interest in literature. What's more, it set this grim picture against the successes of the reading and creation of literature in improving mental health. The importance of literature cannot be understated.

Why You Are Here:

This is a platform for inspired teenage writing, for those interested in building a writing workshop for their community, for those interested in this art of abridging apathy. As solitary a task as writing seems, it is an act in community, in sharing. I know it as I sit here, synthesizing my thoughts. It is important to the individual, of course, getting thoughts out of one's head and onto the page where one can make sense of them. But, more importantly, it is about sharing one's experiences for the benefit of others, for igniting a quiet yet powerful conversation. That is the reason people workshop; that is the reason people publish; that is the reason this site is important. It engages people in a conversation possibly hundreds of miles or years apart.

Join Me:

I invite you to flip through these pages to learn more about student publication, running a writing workshop, and about encouraging empathy between one another.